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Tricky (also known as The Clown) is a recurring antagonist in the Madness Combat series. He started out as an assassin hired by the sheriff and later became the primary angonist of the Tricky saga. Up until the end of Madness Combat 7: Consternation, Tricky used the power of the Improbability Drive in order to revive repeatedly, run and jump at extremely high speeds and gain superhuman hand-to-hand fighting skills which allowed him to render the mightiest of enemies helpless. He has been killed multiple times (5 times by Hank, & once by Jesus), has been resurrected as a zombie once and possesses the ability to warp the fabric of reality. Overall, Tricky has killed 6 different characters in the series.

Tricky, before his encounter with the Improbability Drive, wore clown makeup so that his enemies could recognize him above others but it is unknown when he got the Improbability Drive. He was already quite deranged even before he encountered the Improbability Drive, as it was his insanity that drew it to him in the first place. When he encountered the Improbability Drive, his insanity only increasing as he immersed himself more and more into it. However, Tricky still had enough sanity to recognize friend from foe, but this did not mean he was willing to sacrifice them to kill Hank. He refused to give up his entire sanity, until his fifth encounter with Hank, where he finally gave himself completely to the Drive. When he completely lost his sanity to the drive, Tricky lost all sense of self. He no longer considered anyone an ally, and only saw others as either tools to be used or obstacles to be destroyed. All that mattered to Tricky was killing the mightiest of opponents, Hank above all. He was determined to prove his worth to the world after so many defeats from Hank by defeating the most invincible of opponents. He served as a physical representation of what the Improbability Drive caused: suffering, chaos, endless anarchy, rage, violence and destruction.

Tricky, much like Hank, can use a variety of weapons, although he is best known for his trademark Warning Sign which he 'obtained' in Madness Combat 3: Avenger when he was impaled upon a giant marshmallow and after which he reanimated by Higher Powers. Tricky can hold his own against Hank and Jesus Christ easily, and seems to prefer using melee weapons over firearms. As stated before, Tricky has the ability to jump to warp heights, stretching his own tissue, and to evade anyone using a type of sudden speedburst (as seen in Madness Combat 6: Antipathy in which he powerdashed at least 40 meters backward and dropped a building between him and Hank). Through the assistence of the improbability drive he seems to be able to revive himself and others at will, This is seen twice in Madness Antipathy being used on Hank (At the Begining of the episode and after the Brief Fight between them Both directly after the train crash). and once in Consternation. He also doesn't appear to be very smart as he once tried wearing Jesus' head as a cap hoping he would gain divine powers in Madness Combat 5.5.

As a last resort, the Sheriff activates the very first Improbability Drive to appear in the series, triggering randomized phenomena such as gravity disorders, sperm whales falling out the sky and the sun to develop a normal body. While the Drive was in effect, Tricky was able to bend reality and physics, toying the impossible. He crushed Sanford and Deimos with a building full of ravers (A 'flying party'), smashed characters with a giant marshmallow, and resurrected himself multiple times, gaining more power each time. In this state, Tricky has proven able to bypass Jesus' superhuman powers and to mutilate and even murder Hank repeatedly, resurrecting him when he is killed. It is said that Tricky revives Hank as for a retry after 'insufficient performance', and to revenge at him for the misery he was caused in the past, using the impotent feeling of fighting an invincible enemy combined with diabolical physical agony. When Tricky did this,he had insane powers. Including:intense powers (look at madness depredation when he hits hank up the valley) decap Jesus Christ above his jaw and revive from the drive after the top of his head was cut off and formed with a demonic ghost look at the end of Madness Antipathy with breathing acidish flames out of him.

Every time Tricky is killed, he becomes stronger. In Madness Depredation Tricky resurrects himself and retaliates against Hank, easily passing through his defenses. In Madness Consternation he resurrects Hank a last time, and attempts to destroy him with his demonized body. In the pinnacle of his glory, Tricky is able to exhale fire, shift size and use physical strength that corresponds to his size and appearence. Most importantly, he stores the Improbability Drive in his skull, which Hank is able to damage eventually through use of a point blank shotgun blast. Jesus eventually destroys the Improbability Drive near the end of the episode. With this, he causes Tricky to revert to his actual form, which ultimately removes his powers and reveals his battered body and without his Improbabilty Drive to keep him going, he collapses, and after which Jesus delivers a killing blow by thrusting his sword through Tricky's head and body instantly killing him.

Hank J. Wimbleton {C Hank is nothing less then Tricky's mortal enemy. When Tricky was first ressurected by the Improbability Drive after being killed by Hank, he determined to kill Hank to achieve revenge. However, in his current condition, Tricky was no match for Hank until he gave his sanity in exchange for the Improbability Drive's full power. Tricky killed Hank along with Jesus, but then ressurected him so that he could make Hank suffer. He turned into a demon and chased Hank, not to kill him, but to make him suffer both physically and mentally. However, Hank was killed by Jesus, something which enraged Tricky. The psychotic clown was killed shortly after Hank was.

Jesus Christ was second-in-command of the AAHW, of which Tricky was also a high ranking member of. Jesus and Tricky are never shown interacting during their time in the AAHW, but it is implied that Jesus was in command of Tricky due to his higher ranking in the agency. Tricky and Jesus both encountered Hank multiple times during his attempts to assassinate the sheriff, but whereas Jesus nearly killed Hank during many of their encounters, Hank usually made short work of Tricky. This may have caused Tricky to envy Jesus highly. After the Sheriff's death, Jesus remained loyal to the AAHW, whereas Tricky defected.

Jesus would later save Tricky's life when the clown was assaulted by Hank at Club M, where he now worked as DJ. Tricky witnessed Hank and Jesus kill each other during their fight, and responded casually by continueing to dance to the Chicken Dance Remix he was playing.

{C Tricky later interupted another fight between Hank and Jesus, during which he, using the new power granted to him by the Improbability Drive to easily dispatch them both. After sending Hank flying away, he triumphantly ripped off the top of Jesus' head, gleafully embracing the unbelievably power he now had over someone who was once considered his superior. Tricky took his head in an attempt to augment his already great power, but was unable to access his power, not knowing that the Savior's true source of power was in his halo.

{C Jesus would later get his revenge when he saved Hank from Tricky, who had now taken a demon form to torture Hank. When Jesus killed Hank, which Tricky himself wanted to do, the enraged, demonic clown prepared to attack, but Jesus shot and destroyed his Improbability Drive, rendering him powerless and mortal once more, and finished him off with his 316 sword.

{C Tricky despised Jesus, envying his power, and his jealousy of his power possibly played a part in his desire for the Improbability Drive. After MC:7 Consternation, Jesus and Tricky had no contact with eachother for the rest of the series.


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